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WINNER 2011 Iowa Independent Film Festival

Best Feature Film
Clear Lake, Iowa
Website: Iowa Independent Film Festival

WINNER 2011 ICVM Catalyst Conference Annual Film Festival

Gold Crown Award - Best Picture
Gold Crown Award - Best Feature over $250,000
Gold Crown Award - Best Youth Film
Atlanta, Georgia
Website: International Christian Visual Media Catalyst Conference

WINNER 2011 Sabaoth International Film Festival

ADAM Award Winner for Best Feature Drama
Milan, Italy
Website: Sabaoth International Film Festival

WINNER 2011 ITN Distribution & New Media Film Festival

Best Directorial Debut of a Feature Film - John Grooters
Best Actress in a Feature Film - Rebecca St. James
Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, California
Website: ITN Distribution & New Media Film Festival

WINNER 2011 Mexico International Film Festival

Golden Palm Award
Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico
Website: Mexico International Film Festival


2011 San Joaquin International Film Festival

Official Selection
San Joaquin, California
Website: San Joaquin International Film Festival

2011 Grand Rapids Film Festival

Official Selection
Grand Rapids, MI
Website: Grand Rapids Film Festival

2011 Las Vegas Film Festival

Official Finalist
Las Vegas, Nevada
Website: Las Vegas Film Festival

2011 International Family Film Festival

Official Selection
Hollywood, California


Dove Family Approved

Awarded The Dove Foundation Seal of Approval

"The cast members faithfully portray their characters well in this edge-of-your-seat adventure under the direction of John Grooters. "Frontier Boys" fills a gap in inspirational storytelling directed at tween and teen boys, with powerful life-lessons delivered in this exciting, action-packed movie. This compelling story will give viewers a vivid portrayal of God as a very present help in time of trouble {Psalm 46}. We are most pleased to award this movie our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal. Check out "The Frontier Boys". You will be glad you did."
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It's a really great film! It may be the most popular with audiences yet; it's got excellent acting and music, with a great mix of sports, teens, family empathy and still keeps Christ first. Wow, all that in one film.

Larry Elie

Friends Family Theater

With unexpected twists and turns, the adventures of The Frontier Boys captures your attention. But beyond that, the storyline offers opportunity for exploring significant life issues on the journey toward maturity. More than entertainment, these adventures are character building.

Paul Hontz PhD

Pastor, Central Wesleyan Church

I have followed the work of Angelhouse Media and John Grooters for over two decades. Over the years I have been consistently impressed with the high production quality and the biblical integrity John brings to each new project. The release of The Frontier Boys will mark the beginning of a series of movies that will bring a much needed infusion of high-quality Christian production to the big screen. I trust John's work as a creator, producer and director and will join my heart in praying for God's blessing and success in this new venture.

Rev. Dr. Kevin Harney

Author, "Seismic Shifts and Leadership from the Inside Out"

John Grooters reminds me of an ancient prophet. He has a unique ability to speak God's truth in the modern language and parable of film. I think The Frontier Boys is a classic example. It will be a riveting drama that speaks to contemporary culture the ancient concepts of the Bible. I highly recommend it.

Ray Vander Laan

Author and Teacher, "That the World May Know" Series
Focus on the Family

As President of the Dove Foundation, I've been visiting with executives of the major studios for over 20 years now. In all those years, I've not brought more than six scripts that I thought were worthy of our highest recommendation. The Frontier Boys by John Grooters is right at the top of that list.

Dick Rolfe

President, The Dove Foundation

I found the story of Brent to be compelling in his struggle to do the right thing, while not knowing exactly what that is at all times, had me engaged in the story. When Jed sees the world [that] Brent needs to deal with some of his childhood innocence is shed, giving a great opportunity in the film to explore the coming of age themes.

Jackie Alberta

Acquisitions Editor Young Adult Fiction, Zondervan

Dynamic... takes you to the front edge of your seat and keeps you there.

Barry W.

A great message, good content, lots of suspense, very engaging.

Kathleen K.

My family and I just saw the movie and thought it was great! It had a good storyline and action scenes! My hat's off to everyone involved in the making of the movie! A+

Karl B.

I enjoyed the movie and thought that it taught a very good lesson on the power of prayer. I would recommend it to believers and non-believers alike.

Justus P.

Hollywood needs more movies in this vein.

Bryan R.

My teen daughter, their friend, and my tween son all absolutely LOVED the show tonight. Given how picky they are when it comes to film, that is quite an accomplishment, indeed

Brad D.

This movie has inspired my friends and me that you never give up or don't stop believing. I think you have made the most brilliant movie in 2011!

Kelli E.

Also goes to show how even good kids can make a mistake, or be in the wrong place at the wrong time - and he was given love and forgiveness - and acceptance. Oh how I wish ALL youth felt this! GREAT movie!! Touched my heart!!

Laurie V.

The movie was great! I thought it was inspiring how the youth spoke of God and their faith openly and often. Also goes to show how even good kids can make a mistake, or be in the wrong place at the wrong time - and he was given love and forgiveness - and acceptance. Oh how I wish ALL youth felt this! GREAT movie!! Touched my heart!! Thank you!

Laurie G.

Grazie ragazzi per il bellissimo film che avete portato da noi a Milano. So che, partendo dalla "frontiera" arriveri in tutti gli angoli del mondo. So anche che rappresenta solo un'inizio di una bellissima condivisione del vangelo attraverso il cinema che continueri in futuro. Che Dio continui a benedirvi cosÏ come sta facendo.

(Thank you guys for the beautiful film that you have brought to us in Milan. I know that, starting from the "frontier" will arrive in all corners of the world. I also know that represents only a beginning of a beautiful sharing of the Gospel through cinema that will continue. That God will continue to bless you as he is doing.)

Sergio M.

Every time I preview the movie I think this has to be the best movie. Frontier Boys is amazing and truly is a great movie.

Nancy B.

It's really well done. I laughed and cried.

Coleen B.

I will bring all of my friends! I LOVED it!!!!

Lynsey B.

Great outreach tool for youth ministries at churches.

Brad D.

My Husband and I saw The Frontier Boys tonight!! It was great!! Thank you for the positive message in this movie!

Robin M.

Loved the movie and I'm going to see it again today for the 3rd time.

Carli T.

Amazing movie i saw it today in school so many familiar faces it was awesome just to have a movie filmed in your home town. Thank you it was amazing!!!! :]

Sophie H.

Loved the MOVIE on the edge of my seat the whole time!!!!!!!!!

Sarah M.


Pat D.

Just saw the movie on a school trip. It was AMAZING!!! So great that you can see so many familiar places and faces!

Mason L.

Hey the movie was awesome!

Tyler W.

Really enjoyed the movie tonight. Awesome Job!

Marian M.

The movie was awesome and I'm going to see it again on friday!

Kevin A.

Just saw the movie tonight in Charlevoix!!!! Great Movie!!!! Its really neat when you can recognize people and places that are in the movie..... Everyone, good job!!!!

Parker C.

The movie is so good!!!

Riley C.

U guys are great!!!

Kelsey S.

Awesome movie.

Thomas N.

I think you have made the most brilliant movie in 2011!! we are very lucky and thankful for you and your brilliantness in this movie! We loved this movie soooooooo much!!!!!!

Kelli E.

Went to see the premier!! had soo much fun!!!

Kelsey S.

Good Home Town Movie.

Robert H.

I loved the movie its the best movie... Thank you for making the movie it was wonderful!!! LOVE IT.

Haley C.

Way great movie!!!

Jeanne C.

Just saw it at Charlevoix Cinema...awesome!

Mary G.

Great message!

Tracy G.

I would definitely recommend it...

Alyssa B.

Gets to the soul! Different characters playing different roles, just like life.


Faith, hope and love all have their place in time. Only God has the keys to align it all!!!

Jaime B.

It had a great storyline and also had a great Christian storyline.

Isaac B.

Thrilling, Exciting, Paced.

Marcus C.

Great movie and very inspiring!

Joe M

I was pretty impressed by how powerful the movie was.


Interesting, Inspiring, Positive.

Kristen M

It had a good message and could really affect lives.

Lauren M.

A well put together film meant for a family.

Bryce H.

Very clean and decent and targeted towards young guys. It played on my emotions-made me cry-realistic.

Gwen D.

Very good story line. There is hope to do the right thing after we mess up.

Pete G.

It was a very good and entertaining movie.

Jacob B.

Powerful,Touching, Funny.

Brendan L.

Biblically sound and emotionally moving.

Chris G.