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(Kevin Bracken)

Big Kenny is an actor/singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. He has written five top 10 hits for artists such as Tim McGraw ("Last Dollar Fly Away"), Gretchen Wilson ("Here For the Party"), Jason Aldean ("Hicktown" and "Amarillo Sky"), and his personal Grammy-nominated super duo Big & Rich ("Lost In This Moment"). In 2005, Big Kenny was named BMI's Songwriter of the Year, and has sold in excess of five million albums in his solo career and with Big & Rich. Kenny has committed himself to helping those in need. He has built the Kunyuk School for Girls in Akon, South Sudan, and delivered medical supplies, school supplies, musical instruments, clothing and tools. He has become involved in the Natural Resources Defense Counsel and has made it his personal mission to "highlight the good, inspire greatness, and encourage mutual responsibility for the betterment of mankind." Big Kenny plays the role of Kevin Bracken, father to Jed and positive role model to all The Frontier Boys.


(Brent Fencett)

Tim is an actor and model from New York, New York. He studied communications, film and theatre at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Esper Studios, and the University of Mary. Soon after graduating he landed his first feature film lead role as Brent Fencett in The Frontier Boys, a conflicted soul who must choose between what is right and what is easy.


(Jed Bracken)

Jedidiah Grooters makes his film debut in a leading role in The Frontier Boys with the role of Jed Bracken, the athletic and rock solid friend whose faith is as strong as his loyalty. Jed was a high school valedictorian and four-sport varsity athlete and is currently attending school at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. He has previously appeared in the short films Young Prodigal and The Clock published by Angelhouse Media. Jed and his dad, Director John Grooters, sought to not only make a film that revealed a healthy relationship between a father and son, but also demonstrated one through the making of the film. Jed said, "Working with my dad on this was wonderful."


(Jackson Carlson)

Jake Boyce is an actor from Chicago, Illinois. He began his acting career as a 1920's crime boss' son on the independent short film Reloaded, and followed up with as an extra in television pilots such as Ride Along (Fox Studios) and Sinbin. His feature film debut was as the role of Jackson in The Frontier Boys; a funny, easy to like, ever-talkative broadcaster of life.


(T.J. Lewis)

Taylor DeRoo is a local superstar athlete from Holland, Michigan making his film debut in The Frontier Boys. In 2008, while playing in a pre-season basketball game, Taylor suffered a life threatening full cardiac arrest. Miraculously he was revived after nearly 30 minutes of resuscitation, and one year later returned to the court with full cognitive and physical abilities. In 2010, he was awarded All-Conference in basketball at Holland High School and led the team to District Champions. In that same year, he also won the Las Vegas AAU finals with the West Michigan Lakers.


(Judy Bracken)

Rebecca St. James is an actress/singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. In 1994, at the young age of 16, she was offered a record deal and began her music career with her self-titled debut album. Since then, the Grammy-award and multiple-Dove Award winning musician has produced sixteen albums and written over eleven books & study guides. She has acted in a variety of feature film projects such as Left Behind: The Movie (2000), The First Easter (2001), Hero: The Rock Opera (2004), Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol (2004), and Unidentified (2006). Recently she has played leading roles in Sarah's Choice (2009), Rising Stars (2010), To the Wall (2011), and Suing the Devil (2011). In The Frontier Boys, she plays the role of Jed's mom, Judy Bracken.


(Rev. Lewis)

Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley is a former professional boxer and current pastor/evangelist living in Los Angeles, California. After an extremely difficult childhood, he turned to boxing and competed in the 1984 Olympics. Two years later, he began a 15 year professional boxing career and earned his name as "Earthquake." He has had frequent appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Sid Roth's It's Supernatural and the Inspiration Network, which provided him with the platform to reach millions with his testimony. Currently he ministers worldwide — China, London, Pakistan, and Haiti. He has authored a book about his compelling history. The Frontier Boys is his film debut.


(Mike Fencett)

Greg Myhre is an actor from Los Angeles, California. After being accepted to three of the top five acting schools in the United States, he chose to study at UCLA. He has worked on television shows such as NBC's Days of Our Lives, WB's Smallville, and co-starred on FOX's Drive. He has also appeared in the films Serenity (2005) and Hurricane Party (2006). In The Frontier Boys, Greg plays the role of Mike Fencett; an athlete past his prime who is interested in making a name for himself in the drug game.


(Sean O'Sullivan)

Rodney Wiseman is an actor/musician/songwriter from Springfield, Missouri. Rodney started out singing Gospel hymns on stage in churches across the United States before moving on to a professional music and acting career. He has appeared in films such as The Last Castle (2001), Who Do You Love (2008), Lie to Me (2008), Mia's Father (2009), The Life of Lucky Cucumber (2009), and yet to be released Ben and Alex (2010) and Dark Island (2011). Rodney plays the role of Sean; an Irish gang leader.


(Mike's Girlfriend)

Melissa Brock is a musician from Nashville, TN. She was trained in opera and plays the rhythm guitar and harmony vocals for the Grammy nominated band Superchick. Their music has appeared in several movies and television shows such as Legally Blonde (2001) and the made for TV Disney movie Cadet Kelly (2002). Melissa plays the role of Mike's girlfriend.


(Rayders Basketball Fan)

Lara Landon is a singer/songwriter/piano player from Los Angeles, CA. In 2009, she was said to be one of Christian music's most promising new artists. At age nine, she played the lead role of Annie in a college production and began taking vocal lessons shortly thereafter. As soon as age 14, she began shopping a demo to record executives and currently is recording with Whiplash Records in Nashville, TN. Lara makes her feature film debut in The Frontier Boys as one of the loyal Rayders Basketball fans and friend.



In 1992 Ted graduated from seminary and began a ministry that took him, not to a pulpit in a congregation, but to audiences across the U.S. and beyond. The first 20 years of this work included the creation of Ted & Lee TheaterWorks with Lee Eshleman and development of plays such as Armadillo Shorts, Fish-Eyes, Creation Chronicles, Live at Jacob’s Ladder and DoveTale.

Since Lee’s death in May, 2007, Ted has been writing and performing new plays with a number of other artists. Ted lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Along with writing and acting, his loves include his wife, Sue, three sons, Eliot, Ian, and Derek -- and new daughter-in-laws, Katrina and Hannah; oh, and baseball.

Along with the many shows Ted is performing on the road with other actors, he is also available as a solo performer and offers workshops for a day or a weekend for congregations. In the workshop Humor and Faith: A Holy Accident Ted helps his audiences imagine the unseen characters and interactions that may have taken place, opening surprising windows into these familiar Bible stories. Audiences will need their Bibles, their imaginations and their sense of humor.

Ted’s presentation with illustrations from his years of writing and touring will bring a new dimension to a workshop for your congregation. Combine that with a full performance of one of his plays (performed with various actors) and you have the makings of an exciting drama-filled weekend.


Producer / Writer / Director

John Grooters is the writer, director, and co-producer of The Frontier Boys. His outstanding work in film and television has merited over 62 national awards for production excellence as a writer, director, and producer. He is the owner of Grooters Productions, Angelhouse Media, and Extraordinary His years of coaching and parenting have instilled the vision and passion to produce films to reach and inspire young men.


Story Consultant

Jeff Barker is a professor of acting and directing at Northwestern College where he also serves as Playwright in Residence. He has over thirty produced plays and in 2002 won the Iowa Playwright's competition. He worked with the writers of The Frontier Boys to develop the story


Director of Photography

Bryan Papierski is no stranger to the film industry. The son of a set builder, he developed a passion for film at a young age. He graduated from Art Center in Pasadena, California, (a well respected film school) as the youngest graduate ever. He has been working as Director of Photography on national commercial spots and films for more than twenty years. Bryan has expressed a personal commitment and passion due to the content and vision of this particular film.


Music Composer

Eric is one of the hot film composers to follow. He has written music for over 100 short films, several feature length documentaries, numerous commercials and TV spots, and special effect theaters and museum projects. He has also written a rock musical, classical ballet, and a variety of children's projects. Eric has won over ten national awards for his film and television compositions, including the coveted Gold Music Element Addy Award for a Compassion International project. Eric's work can be found in music libraries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vienna (Austria) and Sweden and has been heard on national television. Along with his work in film and TV, Eric has written and produced six of his own piano albums and performed concerts across the nation.


Co-Executive Producer

Dick Rolfe is the founding CEO of the Dove Foundation and one of the most influential voices in Hollywood advocating for wholesome entertainment. Rolfe has worked closely with the producers of The Frontier Boys to guarantee the stories excellence and fidelity to its positive message. He has recognized the screenplay one of the best scripts he has reviewed in his eighteen years in the industry.


Co-Executive Producer

Douglas K. Pearson, author of five redemptive teen novels about lethal conflicts in Michigan, has been deeply involved with the production of The Frontier Boys since 2007. Pearson is drawn to rare artists like John Grooters who understand the importance of coming-of-age events, and how self-sacrifice triggers redemption and transforms a boy into man. Pearson's company, Storymakers, empowers teenagers to find their passion through sailing adventures and deep nature wilderness challenges. Additionally, Pearson's novels and films capture the soul of teenage tension while proceeds support local charities.



Holly McClure has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. She has worked in several facets of the field; such as a movie critic for The Orange County Register and Trinity Broadcasting Network, and has appeared as a media personality on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Politically Incorrect, and others in the last decade. In 2004, she served as a consultant and filmographer to Mel Gibson for The Passion of the Christ. For years Holly has been involved with faith-based and family-friendly entertainment and has played significant roles on the board of two influential organizations, The Dove Foundation and the Parents Television Council.